PERFECT MONDAY consists of a diverse group of musicians. Their original music is a versatile blend of bass, beat, and overdriven sounds winding in and out of traffic on a clean electric road. Their ride of infectious alternative pop bleeds a blue-green-yellow hue that will lead you to destinations stopping everywhere between the rolling countryside and the bustle of metropolis. The core group is Robin on Vocals, Mark on drums, Scott on Bass and Stan on Guitar but with help from their talented friends their can be as many as 7 musicians on stage performing. With party-pleasing covers complementing their original alt-pop songs, Perfect Monday caters to crowds of all ages and musical tastesÍ Come check us out!


  • Sept 24, 2002: Comin' up- Oct 18th at Boulevard Deli w/ King Solomon's Marbles. We play from 7-9. $3 before 9!
  • July 24, 2002: Soooo, we're asked to play an August wedding in our (Scott & Robin's) hometown of Williamsport, PA- a kush little gig, to be filled with originals, juicy love songs, cheezy 70s songs, AND "chicken or beef," and then we go out and get ourselves a real gig at the Bullfrog Brewery! Friday, Aug. 9th. If you're in the area, stop by and have a cold one!
  • June 10, 2002: We finally got a practice space, a great spot on the South Side we're sharing with our friends, Left of July. We just had to turn down a show in Petersburg this weekend, but we'll be back out there, soon!
  • June 5, 2002: BAM II was a blast! Thanks to all for the crowd participation! After two sets and an encore, ya'll still made us play another half-hour. 'Looking forward to next year!
  • BAM II is here! This time around, BAM is a BLOCK PARTY at WYNDHAM Community in Glen Allen, Sat., June 1. Sorry, invite only!
  • CONGRATS TO MARK & REBECCA GORGAS!!! Their first daughter, OLIVIA, was born January 18th, 2002!!!
  • We're taking a hiatus while we anxiously await the birth of Mark and Rebecca's first child! According to Mark's wife, she's been kicking to the beat while we practice. WE ARE COOLER THAN THAT BARNEY GUY!
  • Here's pics from our Glory Days show, Bogarts, Mio's Pizza, Ashland Coffee House, and the Big Ass Margarita Party!
  • When Mark stopped playing during our first set at GLORY DAYS, we thought he'd broken a stick. When he stood up and ran out the door, we realized that he spotted our cars in imminent danger of being hauled away on Main Street. BIG THANKS to Joe at Glory Days for getting the Men in Blue to take our rides off the trucks!
  • We finally have a site up on!
  • Clips from seven of our newest songs can be found HERE.

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And here's some pics we hope you'll enjoy!