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VCU Experiment #20 The Social Context of Emotion

T participate for the 2nd credit, either:

1) Fill out the additional questionnaires when you arrive to complete the study.

If you have a raincheck, there are 2 options:

2) Arrive between 4-5pm outside of Rm BUSI2104 to fill out the questionnaire. You must bring your raincheck with the subject/packet# on it to receive credit. You do NOT have to sign up with experimetrix- just make sure to tell the experimenter that you are filling out the second credit questionnaire only.

3) Go to 810 W. Franklin St., Rm 220. You will find questionnaire packets outside, and instructions for completing them. You must have your raincheck subject/packet# with you to fill out the questionnaires. The building is open from about 8:30am to at least 6:00pm Mon-Fri.

That's it- thanks for participating!