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At the age of 5, Robin repeatedly played "Daydream Believer" until her first 8-track tape snapped. She wore out her first car radio "seek" button at the age of 8 in her parentís orange, Vega station wagon. And finally, the top-of-her-lungs singing in the car, in the bath tub, in front of the mirror, in the backyard, etc. almost cost the sanity of an entire family. Between playing the drums in the high school marching band, causing her piano teacherís beagle to howl, and pressing her ear up to the hi-fi to get closer to John Travolta as he sang, "Youíre the One that I Want," itís amazing that her hearing is still intact today. Because of her amazing parents, her life has always centered around music. From the earliest days of smiling at Donny Osmond on tv hoping he could see her through the screen to teasing her hair ever so higher in her Pennsylvania high school to the chilly 4 years Robin spent at Syracuse University trying to un-tease that ratty permed hair to the 2 1/2 years Robin spent working towards a degree in guidance counseling at West Virginia University, she has always dreamed of being a rock star. Inspired by the lyrical genius of Morrissey, the Beatles, Robert Smith, Natalie Merchant, Lenny Kravitz, Billy Joel, Edie Brickell, Tori Amos, the Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow, Aimee Mann, Live, Pete Yorn, Eddie Vedder, Sarah McLachlan, Chris Cornell, Beck, Shelby Lynn, Gwen Stefani, Everclear, Jeff Buckley, Dave Matthews, Macy Gray, Cake, and Rusted Root, Robin has tried to write music that addresses her real-life fears, dreams, and adventures.